Sunday, June 16, 2013

Historical Fiction from Saradindu Bandyopadhayay

By the Tungabhadra

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A must read for historical fiction readers
This historical fiction set in the 14th century, reveals many finer details of lifestyle of people lived in those times and you will get to know the main characters of the story better than your friends.

Two princesses from Bengal set to marry king of Vijayanagar travels via Tungabhadra river, along with a stranger saved from drowning, go through the journey with unanticipated turns and twists and its consequences.

Charismatic King of Vijayanagar, Devaraya, is at his best on keeping his enemies from Bahamani kingdom at the bay, but is not aware that his own younger brother has a scheme to get rid of him. King gets help from  unexpected corners but also discovers that one of the princesses is in love with a common man.

The book makes an interesting read as main characters influence each other and the outcomes of the situations.

By the Tungabhadra 

Band Of Soldiers

Buy Band Of Soldiers: Year On The Road With Shivaji 1st  EditionInteresting read but not an exclusive story of Shivaji

A boy in his teens, Sadashiv, joins Shivaji's band, plays many roles of a messenger, a soldier, and helps him on his mission to conquer the forts in Maratha region.

Shivaji, a charismatic leader helps the protagonist of the story to grow up to be a soldier and also get married to his childhood love.

I bought this book as I was impressed with author's other work 'By the Tungabhadra', even though I did not have the same level of enjoyment while reading this book, it is a good read as author maintains the same level of sensitive touch in story narration.

Band of Soldiers

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