Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review: Tales of Fosterganj by Ruskin Bond

This book is about the early years of author attempting to be a writer, finding home at Fosterganj, a hamlet on the outskirts of Mussoorie. Tiny population lives there, little happens in a day and for an outsider life appears to have come to a standstill. But the author gets drawn into a series of unusual adventures, a close encounter with a leopard, getting locked inside a haunted place, expedition into the mountains in search of lizards and so on. Though he calls this book a work of fiction, it is his reminiscences as a struggling writer during 1960’s. He lived his memories again and produced this compelling short book with his usual light touch.

Ruskin Bond at Mussoorie

When I had read Ruskin Bond last time (Book: Roads to Mussoorie), I was sure of reading Bond again and also of visiting Mussorie when the opportunity arrived and it did last week. When I was set to go to Mussoorie, I picked this book. It was a lifetime experience, reading Bond and watching the sunset at Mussoorie amid the fascinating clouds trapped in the mountains standing tall at an altitude of 6500 feet.

If you enjoy solitude, you are sure to love Ruskin Bond and you will be drawn to mountains and non-materialistic side of life.

An evening at Mussoorie