Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Review: Yaana (A Kannada novel) by S L Bhyrappa

This is the story of space travelers. Two astronauts carefully chosen for the mission of exploring space are expected to produce their offspring in spaceship who would continue the mission which runs for decades. The children of those two astronauts, one male and another female are supposed to produce their next generation. When they are set to marry, they raise the question - how can siblings get married? They put forward this question to their parents and history unravels through the notes documented by their parents. Their find out that their parents are not married, were brought together only for this mission. They also learn that their parents are not biological parents but surrogate parents as the kids they raised were born out of embryo created from sperm and egg donors. That solves the dilemma ensuring space mission is unaffected.

Though this novel has scientific background, it is the psychological exploration of characters which takes the center stage (as always). This novel is another feather in Bhyrappa’s cap who has explored people from all walks of life, musicians, politicians, mythological characters and this time the space travelers. A must read for fans of Bhyrappa and this novel is brief (210 pages long), makes it a quick read and transports the readers to an experience beyond the Earth.