Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kalam, an ideal Indian

India is a land of Buddha and Gandhi. After them too, India continues to produce fine human beings.

Story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will remain an inspiration for generations to come. A humble boy distributing newspapers became a nuclear scientist. Becoming a President did not alter him from remaining humble. He was a true nationalist and an ideal Indian.

The idea of India is as old as civilization itself. But it is rekindled by the towering personalities time and again. Kalam had a special gift his predecessors did not have. He could teach science along with spirituality. He never took retirement in promoting the idea of India. He visited educational institutions all over India to prepare the next generation to be a superpower. He did not have to take example of someone to motivate others; his life was an inspiration itself. 

Kalam stands out for his contributions and aspirations. Who else wanted to see a billion smiles?

The great soul now rests in peace. But the legend lives on.