Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A joyful walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

It has been a packed work week for me at California (I am on a short visit) as I was rushing through many of the tasks at office. Whola! Weekend was equally joyful. We, a group of colleagues first drove to Lake Tahoe on Saturday. This lake has a length of 35 km, but yet it is not part of ‘The Great Five Lakes’ of North America but it is next in line, at the sixth place. 

Large fresh water body also serves as a weekend getaway for those who would like to swim, fish, or indulge in water sports. In winter, one can go skiing and snowboarding too in the mountains. Well, I am not much into adventures, I was happy walking on the shore, and getting lost (not physically) in the nature.

On a sunny Sunday, what better alternative is there than taking a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge? It has never failed to thrill the visitors since it was built seven decades ago. If you share the fascination towards man-built large structures like big dams or bridges, this one puts you on the cloud. 

This bridge used to be the longest suspension bridge, but many engineers all over the world took inspiration from this once called "the bridge that couldn't be built" and went on to produce even longer structures. But yet, Golden Gate Bridge remains “the most photographed bridge in the world”. We too joined that crowd and took photographs.

One of the persons behind the idea of building this bridge was Joseph Strauss, an engineer by profession and a poet by passion. Result was this bridge along with structural soundness got its elegant looks. It took no time to become a national icon. Except the seismic retrofits, the bridge is doing fine in handling traffic of more than 100,000 cars running over it on daily basis.

Sounds interesting? If you have not already walked over it, you can do it here. Virtually! http://www.airpano.ru/files/San-Francisco-Golden-Gate-USA/2-2