Monday, June 17, 2013

Try Tagore and have stronger roots

If you want to read just one author and just one form of writing, it has to be Tagore and his short stories. I enjoyed reading ‘Cabuliwallah’ in my childhood, I think the new generation would also see value in his stories. All those students in schools, rebels at college, individuals with earning or no earning, middle aged going through a crisis, all kinds of people from all walks of like can find themselves or their future beings in Tagore’s stories.

Does not matter if you want to read a quick story in a bus or have whole night for reading, it is not the time you spend in reading but it is the time you spend later on to digest the story because the emotions triggered will not settle down so easily. It is stories like ‘The child’s return’ and ‘The trust property’ which moved me inwards and it took good time for me to come out of melancholy.

Want to get in touch with your human side again? Let Tagore be with you.

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