Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: We are like that only

If you are a retailer or a marketer or interested to know about the consumption patterns in India, this book would be a good start. Thanks to Rama Bijapurakar. She explains why Indian consumers are different than their global peers with supporting data. She will reinforce some of your perceptions and change many.

India is diverse. So are consumers in India. They are modern but yet traditional. They have spending power but go bargain hunting. It is common to see a middle-class housewife buy expensive goods in a mall, but yet bargain with vegetable vendors. Brands appeal to them but good old common sense prevails before any buying decision is made. Demography is very diverse. Life is getting better but some problems remain the same. We drive better cars but on the same roads with pot holes. While we crave for better things, we continue to tolerate all kinds of nuisances. Why? Because “We are like that only”. Yes, that is the title of the book. Get a copy to have better insights before getting out to do business in India.