Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Review: Walking with lions

Author of this book Natwar Singh held a wide range of positions in the Govt. of India beginning as an IFS officer to growing up to assume the position of a Foreign Minister in his career spanning more than three decades. He served Nehru, Indira, Rajeev, Sonia in different capacities and supported them in all kinds of situations. His loyalty to Nehru-Gandhi family was reciprocated and helped him raise the ranks swiftly. This book is a collection of 50 articles, basically author's experiences as a diplomat, and his interactions with a variety number of people from all corners of the world and all walks of life. Author had an unwavering respect for Indira Gandhi and disliking towards Morarji Desai for which he shows no inhibitions or hide them. 

This book would be a good read for those who want to know experiences of globe-trotting diplomats, and their nuances of life. While politicians fill most of this book, but yet other interesting personalities such as writer Nirad Choudhary, sadhu Chandraswami,  painter M F Hussain, film actors Nargis, Dev Anand also make their presence felt in the chapters dedicated for them.