Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review: All roads lead to Ganga, Roads to Mussorie and Himalyan Tales

Author of these books Ruskin Bond is a writer who lives on the hills. Mountain streams, birds and animals, trees and flowers, the whole natural biosphere are his subjects of writing. His simple yet sensitive style makes his books easy and pleasurable read for young and adults and can charm those who rarely read too.

These books are collection of small tales on his experiences in Dehra Dun, Garhwal, Mussorie, along the river Mandakini, at the holy place of Tunganath, on the road to Badrinath etc. Even the ghosts find place in these stories, scare a little but entertain and make reader form a different set of viewpoints on the visits to these hills. 

Few stories reappear across these books which readers can skip and continue with the theme. You should buy these inexpensive books if you are falling short of stories to tell your kids or before you plan a travel to Himalayan terrains to deepen the experience one gets from traveling. If you are a bookworm you would have read him already but in case you have not, your personal library is incomplete without Bond, Ruskin Bond.