Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Introduction: The life divine

The subject of philosophy had always bored me. The idea of force fitting life into theoretical or conceptual frame did not fascinate me. Since I was not ready for this subject, I thought philosophers were failed men but intelligent enough to articulate their frustrations in a logical manner. But my innocence was broken when I arrived at this work of Sri Aurobindo.

First I had downloaded the soft copy but ended up ordering a print version soon. After going through this 1100 pages long book, I feel I am introduced to the subject, realize it has more drawing power and other subjects look less interesting now.

While I admit that I have to come back to this text several times to get to know the subject matter better, the personality of Sri Aurobindo, his understanding of Vedas and Upanishads demand a greater attention. Unlike other Yogi’s who attained spiritual heights, he has put his experiences and teachings on the paper himself.

If you want to explore, here is the link.