Monday, December 29, 2014

Gold has another golden use in treating the cancer

Physical and chemical properties of Gold make it a supreme metal. It is biocompatible too, that makes it useful in the medical applications. Recent studies show that gold-plated nanoparticles are able to find and destroy cancer cells. Gold nanoparticles absorb high levels of ionising radiation, boosting the impact of radiotherapy treatments that work by damaging DNA in tumour cells.

Dr. Kattesh V Katti
Behind this research there is an Indian associated with it. Born and educated in India, Dr. Kattesh V. Katti, now lives in US and works for University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform. He is recognized as one of “25 Most Influential Scientists in Molecular Imaging”. 

With many awards and citations to his credit, Dr.Katti is a top scientist today. But he traces his roots back to a small town in Karnataka and modest beginnings.

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Gold loving India has produced a gem in Dr. Katti. While Indians take pride in his origins, one has to also note what he says “India needs to spend more money on science and technology". Hope those who manage budgets care his words.