Friday, December 19, 2014

Opinion: India wakes up to Ebola

Source: Unicef
India or Indians were/are always busy with our own lives and tend to ignore the developments around the world. But there is evidence that it is changing. In our past mindset, we would have ignored Ebola as African pandemic and would not have taken notice unless it had spread and claimed lives in India too. But not anymore, we too are proactive.

Before arriving at Bangalore airport from international travel last week, we passengers were handed over a form to fill-in by the cabin crew and it was about Ebola. The form needed declarations of the traveler and had identified the affected countries, symptoms of the disease, measures to prevent spreading etc. and whola, it also gave a toll-free number to call for help during emergency. At Airport too, all passengers were made to line up to hand over the forms as the first thing to do and also seek clarifications or advice on the disease or to undergo check-up if needed. Kudos to those who made it possible as airports are the first place and easy passages to import this disease. 

If it arrives, it would be really difficult to stop as it spreads quickly and would have a dangerous impact on countries like India which have dense population. Better to stop it at the borders and the effort has begun.