Thursday, February 12, 2015

Opinion: Ambani and Adani will run India (and make most of India’s fortune)

Two articles in today’s newspapers made me think two business houses (or rather families) will be the biggest beneficiaries of the upcoming policies and Govt. spending.

Ambani’s always meant business – the senior Ambani built the empire from oil to textiles, and his sons took it further getting into Telecom, Retail, Energy, Infra, and you name it. They always knew next big what and made sure they are there. But see that they are quick to cut loss and exit when their new businesses do not make money (like Reliance Timeout). Now Anil is keen to enter into defense manufacturing. Do they have experience in that – you may ask but it does not matter is what you will realize quickly. The biggest challenge in India is to work with Govt. and its bureaucracy, they can beat competition there and the lack of experience is made up by hiring the experienced from industry. Anil hired a former managing director from Lockheed Martin to lead this business. You can see he will make this happen.

And another news item is, Adani’s plan to get into Airport sector via Ahmedabad -

Gutam Adani already runs Infrastructure business. His company operates ports in Gujarat – so why not operate Airport too? Again the success here depends on ability to work with Govt., and securing long term finance at low costs as rest of the project related skills including technology can be hired or bought and some of the works can be outsourced through contract works. It is how he transformed his small scale businessman into billions worth enterprise.

With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, both Govt. spending and private investment are expected to go up significantly in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. And you know who is set to ride that wave. They already made news today and you will see their fortunes rise too in the coming years.