Monday, April 27, 2015

Nature always has the last word

Mother Nature is a great nurse and an ultimate destroyer. She provides all the resources for a life to survive and when she is angry, all could be gone in a flash. Be it Earthquake or a Tsunami (and sometimes both).

The Himalayan disaster has proved it again. An article on ToI reports that “Power of Nepal earthquake was equivalent to 20 huge atomic bombs” (Link:

That would make the destroying power created by nuclear scientists look insignificant in front of Mother Nature. And the ghost of Hitler would realize he is no match for Nature’s prowess and suddenness in killing defenseless people.

There is a principle in Ecology that nature always has the last word. There have been five mass extinctions in Earth's history. We tend to forget them. It is common tendency for an individual to think it would not happen in his times or to him. (What else can we do?) Few of us are rebels too. We dig up earth aggressively for its minerals, change the path of rivers, and fight with nature to make it easy for us. But the success may not last forever. Geological changes are difficult to time, being ignorant or complacent with nature will collect its toll. When the disaster strikes which we cannot control, the damage is accelerated for the man-made reasons. Many lives will be lost under unsafe buildings, encroached river shores and the filled lake beds.

We human beings can think, understand, plan and use the resources the nature offers while other animal species seem to govern the laws of nature, go with it rather than change the rules. We are civilized and transformed over thousands of years; we can’t live like wild animals. However it does not mean we can disrespect nature. When the systems we created are put to test, we lost lives. Floods in Kedarnath and Kashmir took away many lives as the rain drains were encroached. Thousands died in Nepal in their own poorly constructed homes.

It looks like all other species are praying for disappearance of humanity (or their supremacy), so they can thrive. And the nature seems to be working on that request. It always has the last word, no matter what human’s arguments are.