Sunday, September 27, 2015

Misplaced hopes in a lip service Govt.

In 2014, majority of India (including me) had voted for one person who looked very promising. But the hopes seem to be misplaced. My reasons are here. Currently the person in focus is in US, for the second time and he has been visiting many countries in a row, claiming to bring in investments.

Americans are businessmen by nature, when they see profits, they come-in, and they do not need pampering. Jack Welch came to India and partnered with Azim Premji because it worked well for the business he was running. Similarly, when they see risks, they just walk out creating a stampede in the capital markets. Look what they did to Rupee valuation in the recent past. Govt. before, now or in the future plays the role of facilitator. They cannot make or break the economy. Given the situation, does this call for head of our Govt. (Prime Minister) to go calling Americans?

Building 'Smart Cities' was on the agenda before the elections for his party. In that case, why did they take more than a year to announce the list itself, this is when they claim to know India too well than anyone else? How much more time is required to align with State Govt., get the required approvals, get the funding in place, call for tenders to begin the actual work? If it is going to take couple more years, we will have the next election coming. So will it become the agenda for the next election too?

Let us come to ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’. Will they just remain slogans? Where are the detailed execution plans and the road maps? Look at the power cut situation in Karnataka. How do you 'Make' when there is insufficient energy supply? Who will have the courage to set-up a new factory? (My employer in Bangalore runs huge Diesel Gensets to power the building burning hundreds of liters of fuel everyday when the Govt. talks of reducing import burden).

Few good visible works by this Govt. are keeping the deficit down and having tough talks with neighbors. But they need to work on all fronts to change the image of India. Change it in such a way that American businessmen line-up to meet PM at Delhi. For that to happen, our PM need to go around India first to make things happen than outside India. Indians who voted for him need him more than Indian diaspora who lives all over the world.

Those who left India can look after themselves better than those staying here in India. The poor Indian living in India cannot afford to get a visa to meet our PM as he is out on frequent trips.

After all who’s PM he is, of those staying in India or not?