Saturday, May 9, 2015

Want happiness? Buy it online!

Couple of months ago, I had read that Mantra (Hymns) from Rigveda when recited, emit many positive radiations in the form of electromagnetic waves. And a friend of mine had told me that priests avoid reciting these shloka after losing out their teeth as they don’t get the sounds right and if not done properly, it will have a bad effect on them. At that time, I had a feeling that these two are somehow connected but did not get much into it further.

Yesterday, I came across a blog post (it is in Kannada; Link:, which explains the scientific angle of some our practices, like using a lemon and chilly to get rid of ‘bad eye’ or ‘evil effect’. It puts forward a view that these objects can absorb infrared radiations which generally have a negative effect on us. Reading it helped me put together missing links in my thinking.

Today, I came across this article on Business World ( which says how tech can be used to reproduce the brain waves which help us get rid of anxiety or get better sleep or feel like a Monk by listening to the music which tunes your mind to the requirement. It provided couple of links of those who have made it a business already. So I got into the site - On this site, you can listen to sample audio. I tried and felt it works. I was amazed with this research work.

BW article provides many more links worth exploring (like I have a strong sense that this business of happiness can grow to a considerable size with so many people around us searching for happiness.